Get Up Faster

Our climber allows you to climb up a tree in a much faster timeframe. Instead of struggling to quietly climb the tree, cut your climbing time in half. Most users can climb and be ready to hunt within 10 minutes.

Be Where They Are

Due to the light and portable profile of the BANDIT Climber and its ease of use, it's easier to climb higher in a tree or hike out further into the woods to truly be where the animals are.

Easily Carried

Say goodbye to the days of carrying tons of climbing equipment and being tired by the time you are set up to hunt. The BANDIT Climber can fit into your backpack, and it weighs around 4 pounds.


No more scaring off your targets — there's no metal clanking sounds here. Our climber is practically silent. If anything, it sounds like a raccoon scurrying up a tree.


Our mission is to make hunting accessible to all. Our climbing set-up is a much more affordable option compared to other tree climbing set-ups on the market.



Upgrade Your Outdoor Adventures with the BANDIT Climber™ - Under 4 Pounds to Take Anywhere!


Our climber lets you ascend a tree with speed. Say goodbye to the traditional clunky climbers and cut your time in half. Get ready to hunt in as little as 10 minutes.


No metal clanking sounds here. Our climber is virtually silent. If anything, it mimics a raccoon scurrying up a tree.



Our goal is to supply hunters with gear that’s quieter, lighter, and faster, so you can navigate the woods with unmatched stealth. We want to build a culture around mastering your skills and living by our motto "Be Where They Are™," pushing you to be the best you can be.

By offering top-notch gear and promoting skill development, stealth, peak human performance, and a love for nature — we want you to excel in the hunt, moving effortlessly and quietly through your surroundings and leaving it like you were never there.


"Be Where They Are" is more than a motto – it’s our guiding principle. It drives every product we create and every hunter we equip.

"Be Where They Are" challenges you to move through the woods effortlessly, quietly, and without a trace. We believe in pushing the boundaries of stealth and precision, so every hunter can immerse themselves completely in the natural environment.

With our affordable, quality equipment, we empower you to hunt with confidence and skill, ensuring you’re always ready for that perfect shot.

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